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Oh well; lack of orinality in a name never hurt anything, i Suppose. I got my first i Home i Pod clock radio (the i H5) for Christmas, 2005.

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It was exceedingly cool, and then pretty cool, and then mostly cool, and then (just recently) it sucked enormously.

Review iHome iH8 Dual-Alarm <b>Clock</b> <b>Radio</b> for Your iPod

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The concept was great — wake up to your playlist, keep your i Pod handy and charged, and it doubled as a damn good i Pod speaker dock.

Review iHome iH8 Dual-Alarm Clock Radio for Your iPod

Unfortunately, the execution lacked a bit — the display was hard to read (there were very few brhtness settings that were readable during full lht that didn’t try to give you a fluorescent tan while you slept), and the clock had a tendency to lose a minute or two each month. Lately however, it started making a horrid noise during i Pod play if the i Pod wasn’t in the dock just “so”.

Ih6 clock radio user manual:

Rating: 94 / 100

Overall: 96 Rates