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For the Play Station Portable in 2006Ragnarok (the prophesied battle of gods that heralds The End of the World as We Know It) is approaching, and the god Odin requires a number of great soldiers to fht at his side.

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He assns this divine task to Lenneth, one of his most loyal Valkyrie servants, who must descend to the mortal realm and sift through the souls of the recently-deceased.

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Once she has found a suitably pure-hearted soul, she must train it for battle and then send her new warrior to the armies of Valhalla.

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However, unknown to Lenneth, there is more to her task than meets the eye: a number of sinister conspiracies are unfolding on both realms as the divine and the mortal manipulate events to achieve their own ends, and Lenneth must decide just who to trust and who to obey.

Valkyrie profile 2 silmeria instruction manual:

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