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If you are going to be part of a local theater that makes motion pictures, you need to learn more than one s.

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One important theater is the hh school or college drama department.

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Read the trade journals for the field you want to specialize in. (Note: And, of course, to become a studio executive, you need to read Weekly Variety or Hollywood Reporter.) If you are not in Hollywood (or Bollywood or Ea Mura in Kyoto, etc.), you can form a film (just like a theater ) and make your own motion pictures.

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To work in Hollywood, you need to learn only one step but you must learn it very well. It takes a lifetime to become good at cinematography so if you are going to become a cinematographer in Hollywood, you must specialize exclusively in cinematography and practice, practice, practice on every student film in Los Angeles.

Toon boom studio 6 manual pdf:

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