Mygig 730n rer manual

Library Uconnect/MyG/Radio/GPS - Dodge Nitro

The 730N has a "dead reckoning" feature which enables it to estimate the current location until the sky is once again visible.

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 - 2011 Grand Cherokee Navation

(At start-up, it also remembers the vehicles last location, and immediately displays this estimated location until it can read snals for a precise fix). The RHB does not have dead reckoning: it will display a question mark until it can receive GPS satellite snals and identify the current location.

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 - 2011 Grand Cherokee Navation

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Starting in 2012 model year radios will come equipped with an anti-theft feature.

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Once a radio is installed in a vehicle, it learns the vehicles VIN and cannot be used in another vehicle unless an anti-theft code is applied.

Mygig 730n rer manual:

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