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The Player's Handbook (PHB) for D&D 5e is being released in August.

Fantasy Grounds - D&D Player's Handbook on Steam

The Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual are being released a few months after, however.

Fantasy Grounds - D&D <i>Player's</i> Handbook on Steam

I already bought a physical player's handbook - D&D Beyond.

Can a group run a successful campaign with only the PHB? To what extent this is true in practice remains to be seen!

D&D 5e Player's Basic Rules Currently version 3.4,

To me, the last point suggests they might have some basic resources available online for free, which might include a small amount of monsters. The key quote: At the launch of the D&D Starter Set, Basic D&D will include the material needed to create characters and advance to 20th level.

Free d d player's manual:

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