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Communication and computer network engineers routinely use waveguiding systems, such as transmission lines and optical fibers.

Field and Wave Electromagnetic 2E Chapter 2-Elecctromegnatic.

Novel recent developments in materials, such as photonic bandgap structures, omnidirectional dielectric mirrors, birefringent multilayer films, surface plasmons, negative-index metamaterials, slow and fast light, promise a revolution in the control and manipulation of light and other applications.

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These are just some examples of topics discussed in this book.

Johnk Solutions Manual Engineering Electromagnetic Fields & Waves.

The book is organized around three main topic areas: Linear and aperture antennas, scalar and vector diffraction theory, plane-wave spectrum, Fourier optics, superdirectivity and superresolution concepts, antenna array design, numerical methods in antennas, and coupled antennas. For example, the mathematical techniques for analyzing wave propagation in multilayer structures, multisegment transmission lines, and the design of multilayer optical filters are the same as those used in DSP, such as the lattice structures of linear prediction, the analysis and synthesis of speech, and geophysical signal processing.

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