Cuisinart dgb-600bc repair manual

Cuisinart DGB-600BC - Grind & Brew Coffeemaker 6125173 Manual

I set it up to brew, with the water, coffee beans in the grinder and the filter in place, while the machine was unplugged.

Cuisinart DGB-600CL Thermal Carafe Lid, Black.

I then made sure the filter door and grinder doors were closed completely shut, as well as the coffee pot inserted completely in place.

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Cuisinart Coffeemaker DGB-600BCC coffee maker not working.

When I plugged it in....beeping and I was able to change the programming time per the manual You can hold the button to rht of grinder down with finger if beeping stops, then the arm part of black lid is not coming down far enough to push down the button to telll the machine the lid is closed.

Cuisinart DGB-500GLID Grinder Assembly Lid, Clear.

On mine I believe a piece came off that was an extension of this arm, to fix could get the correct size screw and screw it into the hole on arm part of the lid adjust it so it will push down the rht amount on the button to tell the machine it is closed. I had taken out the bean grinder component to clean it out while I had some already ground coffee in the basket to brew.

Cuisinart dgb-600bc repair manual:

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