Marzocchi bomber 44 service manual

The Marzocchi Workshop Service guide

However, we forgive, to a point, the portly weight, which actually doesn’t feel so bad when you’re rolling because the fork is always working hard for you, tracking every root, rut and rock it comes across.

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It’s only when you try to loft the front wheel over a ditch or log that you sense the mass hanging off the head tube.

<em>Marzocchi</em> MTB Support help center for forks, shocks, seatpost.

Marzocchi MTB Support help center for forks, shocks, seatpost.

For big-hitters the 44 RLO is also available in a 120mm version, which can be extended to 140mm travel by taking out a spacer inside the fork.

Marzocchi Marathon Sl Service Manual

We’d have preferred a 100/120mm option instead of the largely redundant 80mm setting, but then we’re rarely satisfied.

Marzocchi bomber 44 service manual:

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