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The resulting excel table from importing a TDMS-file, which contains an array of floats with NAN, shows "65535" at all positions that are supposed to be NAN.

One long beep code long interval, longish beep for Abit.

In order to make a good looking graph, all "65535" must be removed manually and replaced by ""(blank).

KG7-RAID <strong>English</strong> User's <strong>Manual</strong> V2.03 WEB

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It would therefore be great if Nan could be imported as not working - I have the same issue as was reported on August 2014. The installer initialises and checks for updates but at the Installation Summary it states "No software will be installed or removed" and the "Next COM Automation not working with latest version - 11 oct.

KG7-RAID English User's Manual V2.03 WEB

The installation summary claims nothing needs to be installed, while the add-in is not available in excel and had never been installed in this PC Will not install on PC running Lab VIEW 2014 - 28 août 2014 Downloaded the NITDMEXCEL_2014-0-0 2013 Version 3.4 worked using COM automation to import TDMS files into Excel.

File abit tw pub download manual english:

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