Motorola radius gm300 user manual

Motorola RADIUS GM300 Service manual

Compatible with GP300 radios as 16-channel model provides Quik-Call II, MDC-1200 & DTMF signaling formats.

Motorola RADIUS GM300 Manuals

Busy channels are reduced through the Time-out Timer feature where the radio automatically dekeys when the transmission limit is reached.

<em>Radius</em> <em>GM300</em> - Repeater Builder

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Compact and Reliable I started looking at commercial gear after becoming frustrated with the cheap PA chips in my ham stuff.

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I bought my first for $20 at a local ham swap, and I picked up several more that were being discarded by commercial shops due to narrowbanding. The only drawbacks are that they have to be programmed via computer, not from the front panel, and are more channel limited than the amateur stuff. Since the narrowbanding requirements, these have become even more affordable--they sell all the time on ebay for $60-70. Our local club was given 5 GM300's in the UHF range.

Motorola radius gm300 user manual:

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