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The Blinder Road 3’s 300 lumens come via two Cree XB-D LEDs: one with a narrow 15 degree spot beam, the other a wider 22 degree beam, and they can be ran individually or together, in steady state and flashing.

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We went through the Blinder’s 11 modes in our first look and of the lot we especially like the ability to have one LED flashing and one constant when riding on urban (i.e. It’s what we’d normally do when commuting but with two lhts: one (flashing) to attract the attention of motorists, the other (constant) to help them gauge the distance between you and their vehicle.

New <i>KNOG</i> <i>Blinder</i> LED lhts with USB Charger Bicycles Network.

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The Knog Blinder Road 3 is the Aussie’s first most powerful lht to date and while there’s plenty to like, it’s ultimately something of an inbetweener.

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That’s because the Blinder Road 3’s maximum output, a claimed 300 lumens, is under powered to mark it out as a serious contender for riding fast on unlit roads – despite Knog’s claim – and the lack of side visibility lets down what is otherwise a powerful and versatile commuting lht.

Knog blinder 1 manual:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates