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I underestimated the number of hotels – even run-down ones – that have wireless internet these days. On modern Apple laptops, the battery is super easy to remove. The two giant silver screws take one-half twist to remove.

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One nht, in Needles, California, I drove to three different hotels looking for an ethernet connection, never finding one (which is one reason why the Route updates didn’t come as often as I wanted). I grabbed an Air Port card off e Bay for a reasonable price, and took today to actually install the thing. Take the cover off, and grab the plastic handle attached to the battery: The battery slides rht out.

DIY obsolete <em>iBook</em> logic board repair projects geek que

DIY obsolete iBook logic board repair projects geek que

[NOTE: I forgot to add this, but I'm running OS X 10.2.8 - just in case the network stuff doesn't look familiar.] I love my G3 i Book.

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I bought it rht before my Route 66 trip because (a) I was nervous about taking my then-new G4 and (b) the thing is built for road-warriors and students.

Ibook clamshell owners manual:

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