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But I fured that I would try to refill the toner cartridges once the time comes. It turned out that the toner cartridges where not completely empty. But eventually the printer informed me that it was empty. Only then I found out that the cartridges contain a build-in page counter – a little electronic circuit board – which stops you from using the cartridge even if it’s refilled. It turns out that the EEPROM contains 512 bytes in two banks with each 256 bytes, which are addressed through those two i2c addresses.


It contains three toner cartridges: The black one was the one which was empty first. Well, those are really lousy business practices if you ask me. And you have to fabricate a connector cable which connects the parallel port of a PC to the three contacts of the toner cartridge. The first problem was solved by creating a Flash Drive which boots straht into DOS. There exists a handy little tool for Linux ed eeprog which can read and program EEPROMs through i2c.

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A little bit more than a year ago I bought a used Samsung CLP-510 color laser printer for a few bucks. But I think the pin layout is the same on the other models (make sure to check first).

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It printed fine, but I suspected that the toner was probably almost empty. Here are some pictures of the pin layout and how I connected the Pi to the toner cartridge.

Samsung color laser printer clp-510n manual:

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