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Unique desn of the Minelab Excalibur allows you to use it effectively in or out of the water.

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Whether working the beach, wading at any depth or diving on a wreck to 60m/200 feet, the Excalibur will perform everytime.

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Minelab Excalibur II metal detector - Joan Allen

As a professional scuba diver instructor I know very well how to take care of underwater equipment, I purchased the excalibur 1000, after just a couple months I had battery I pod problem, new I pod was sent to me, however failed to operate, the company made mistake with the wiring and inside they were inverted. ed Minelab and they coudn't give me a price for material or labor till they send it. Want me pay for shipping then give me a hh price once its there. Minelab insulted me twice, think twice about your costumers service from Minelab before you buy.

Instruction Manual Excalibur 800 & 1000 -

Again after 2 months first serious problem start to emerge, It was sent in Las Vegas for repair, it came back after a month repaired, but after a day me using it again broke down. Metal Detector Reviews may have good costumer service but you have to also deal with Minelab itself and I assure you Minelab is loosing it edge.

Minelab excalibur 1000 manual:

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