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M8 coder - simple manual handcoding of M lenses

If you spend any amount of time perusing camera enthusiast forums, you’re going to run across this question, posted at predictable intervals, asking whether a particular dital camera “is still good.” That’s always struck me as an incoherent question born of weak reasoning and norance. The key qualifying word seems to be “still,” as in “does it make sense to be using this camera now, given all the models that have come since?

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” Characterizing the question that way, it does make some sense.

M8 coder - simple <i>manual</i> handcoding of M lenses

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Why should I buy older model X when I can also buy newer model Y that is claimed to be “better” than model X?

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Consider the Leica M8 and its present viability versus a current Leica offering, say, a Leica M262.

Leica m8 manual download:

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