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It's not online, but hands down the best C reference is Harbison & Steele (yeah - it's better than K&R).

I personally find Steele's C A Reference Manual far more useful in.

You can get the 4th edition for basiy shipping (I don't know what improvements were made in the 5th ed.): Well, it's just an opinion (and it's been a while since I've even looked at K&R), but it's comprehensive, clear, covers all the variants - pre-standard, standard, Unix, and even a bit of information on differences between C & C .

Recommended Books on C/C++ Programming Basic Books B.

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I've studied C programming in college some years ago and have developed some medium applications back then (nothing serious).

Introduction to Computing -- Reference list

Now I have to develop some more 'advanced' C applications (involving POSIX threads and RPC), but rht now I'm a little rusty even with the basics.

Harbison steele c a reference manual download:

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