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I had hoped that this one would be an improvement on the sluggish 650 Deauville. It is actually a Montesa/Honda, and the quality, like the 650 version, is not up to the earlier Honda standards. It is a good job that the old motor is a reliable thing, but no wonder that if anything does go amiss it is expensive to attend to. This is a good job because the tiller-like handlebars make you sit bolt upright.

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The design feels a bit lazy, especially when you strip it down and look. The engine certainly has better pull in the mid range than the 650 version, but there seems no urgency with the bike- probably something to do with the fuel injection.

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Workshop Manual Breva 1100 - Motor & Gearbox - 10/2005

The panniers are still not big enough to hold helmets, and their locks are shockingly fragile, over complicated and exposed to road muck. It is hard to take the panels off and refit them without damage. The seat is the best thing about the bike- very wide and comfy.

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It will cruise around very nicely, handles well except at low speed when you have to steer it consciously.

Breva 750 service manual:

Rating: 87 / 100

Overall: 98 Rates